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Friday, August 29, 2014

Aeroline Buses: Bridging the Distance with a Smile

Found the following on my Drafts. It's a quick review of the coach company called Aeroline and how it was always such a pleasant experience traveling with them whenever I go from Singapore to Malaysia, or vice versa.

Whenever I travel from Singapore to Malaysia and vice versa, it has become a habit to travel with Aeroline

I first learned about them from my friend, Mary Jane (you may read about her review of the travel experience with Aeroline here) who is based in Kuala Lumpur with her family. She was singing praises about them so when I first tried it, I was extremely pleased with how easy going the staff both in the office and the bus. As I keep traveling with them, I’ve been seeing patterns which I didn’t see whenever I travel with other buses. Their staffs serve you with that delightful enthusiasm and welcoming smile every step of the way. 

One particular experience which truly caught me by surprise was when I was traveling from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. The usual expectations of comfort travel was consistently there but what truly made the experience exceptional was that the staff who inspects the tickets was really polite and tried to help all the passengers with their baggage to ensure that every one is on board on time and have a convenient travel. You're definitely doing it right, Aeroline. Looking forward to traveling with you again!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Legoland Malaysia

Life is not filled with events, but with moments.

(Photo auto-awesomified with Google+)

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Social Media Day in Urban Sands Iloilo

Social Media Day in Iloilo 

Today Iloilo joined the millions of social media enthusiasts and practitioners from all over the globe in celebrating the Social Media Day. 

For the second year of its celebration in Iloilo, Social Media day was organized  by the Google Business Group in Iloilo and was attended by around 30 participants in Urban Sands Resort in Molo, Iloilo. 

I was fortunate to be once again invited to be one of the resource speakers where I spoke about how we can use social media responsibly and how we can create not just content online but most importantly, create an impact in other people's lives. 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Walkabout Singapore: Exploring Offices of some of the Hottest Startups in Singapore

Walkabout Singapore: Best Way to Get to Know the Best Startups in Singapore

This upcoming June 13th, Walkabout Singapore 2014 is going to have another a city-wide open house event for technology startups and participants will get a chance to see behind the scenes of some of the most successful and interesting offices in Singapore see how the companies work and learn about their stories right from their employees. 

Last year, I've explored 3 offices together with 3 of my would-be entrepreneur friends. We started with Airbnb - the revolutionary lodging where you can rent out places (an entire house, villa) when you travel instead of going for hotels, Roomarama then Zalora. 

Their logo is made up of different things which aims to represent the region where they are in so in the photo below is a logo made of rice since most countries in the Asia Pacific have rice as their staple food (my country, Philippines, perhaps tops that list) 

Behind me is the Airbnb logo made up of rice, a staple food in Asia Pacific

Airbnb encourages an environment of creativity as shown in its graffiti-filled walls 

Together with 3 would-be entrepreneurs, we've explored offices of some of the hottest startups in Singapore

Funny reminds at the Roomarama office about netiquette 

Zalora threw a mini pizza party during the Walkabout where we stayed most of the time before the after-party. They've also prepared a fun photo booth so the participants visiting their office could take bunch of photos
Awesome after-party. 

How to Join Walkabout 2014: June 13

If you're in Singapore and interested in the startup scene, I would totally recommend joining this year's Walkabout in Singapore 2014. Visit their site for schedule, companies that are opening their office and more details. For more photos taken during last year's Walkabout, click here

Sunday, January 26, 2014

You Would Not Know These Things About Baguio Unless You Visit the City

Must Visit Places in Baguio

The year 2014 started off really awesometastic! I got a chance to finally go to one of the places in the Philippines that I've always wanted to go - Baguio (the Summer Capital of the Philippines)

It was through the Youth Empowerment for Stronger Communities (YES-C) Program Workshop on Using Social Media to Empower Communities held at the Consuelo Center for Leadership and Social Innovation, CFSPI Baguio City.

This photo collage pretty much sums up my Baguio experience - nice weather (a little too cold for  me but hey it was cool!) and nice people!

I've got to meet and help mentor 71 aspiring youth leaders who attended the Youth Empowerment for Stronger Communities Program that was organized by the Child and Family Service Philippines, Inc in partnership with the Embassy of the United States of America - Manila.

Me speaking in front of the youth of Baguio reminding them of the importance of ABC when using social media - Always Be Checking

During their workshop, they've personally met the US Ambassador Philip Goldberg and got the privilege to ask him questions such as his favorite Filipino foods and even his message for the youth.

After the workshop, I've gotten a chance to explore some of the must-see places in Baguio like Burnham Park, Botanical Garden, Mines View Park, Wright Park and even stroll the streets of Session Road and noticed some of the things that I probably wouldn't have learned about Baguio if I didn't go there and see and experience for myself. 

1. The fruits and vegetables are really so fresh and so affordable!

Baguio supplies huge amount of fresh vegetable and fruits that's being consumed in the Metro Manila. On our way to the session road, I see some fruits being sold like grapes at Php 90 / kilo (normal seedless grapes are being sold Php 180 / kilo).

The cleanliness of the streets were so noticeable too! 

2. They have really breathtaking view!

Overlooking the Mines View Park - Appropriately names for its breathtaking view of mountain ranges and Baguio's "mineral bowl where gold,silver and other ores were once quarried.

 3. You can buy happiness for Php 250 half an hour!

Okay maybe not 'happiness' but horseback riding for half an hour..which to me is almost the same.

4. They may have the coldest temperature in the city, but they sure do have some of the warmest people!

The youth which I taught on how to use social media responsibly were kind enough to show me around the city and I learned  from them about the history of Baguio, about which places to go and not to go.

 5. They have this view...

6. And this one too...

And probably many other breathtaking places and more (that I didn't get a chance to go on the little time I spent there), plus I've only been to the 'touristy' places and not in the those path less traveled so it's not fair to say Baguio is really pretty because I know there are so many other beautiful places in that city that I've never been! If you're in the Metro Manila, plan a trip to go to Baguio because it's just worth it. 

It's definitely a different experience. 

Would love to thank the CSFPI Family for the warm welcome, US Embassy - Manila (special thanks to Jay de Jesus and Eren Joy “Ej” Bautista) for allowing me to take part in such a wonderful program that truly inspires the youth to become their best selves and to realize their potentials and really empower them and of course, thank you to all the mentors who helped in facilitating during the event.