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Monday, April 30, 2012

Royale House Inn in Davao

Located at 34 C.M. Recto Avenue of Davao City, The Royale House Travel Inn & Suites gives its guests just the right view and access to the key streets and places in the downtown of Davao. 

The Royal House Travel Inn and Suites is budget-friendly for travelers. It known for its high quality sleep-and-stay at very affordable rates. It also boasts of its well kept rooms, hot and cold showers, Cable TVs, function rooms, a cozy cafĂ©/ lobby with Wifi connection, and delightful service. 

There are three things I love the most about the hotel aside from it's affordable. First, the receptionists were courteous and easy to talk to. Second, I forgot the name of their manager but I love that she gave us tips as to where to go for buffet meals. I think simple things like that make a real difference. Lastly, when a friend noticed that one of their windows seem to have been detached, the hotel management immediately attended to the issue. 

Rooms & Accommodation Rates

Standard Rooms    Dollars      Peso
Economy Single $18.1 Php 765.00
Economy Double $23.5       Php1000.00
Standard Single        $20.7 Php880.00
Standard Twin         $30.6 Php1300.00
Economy Family $38.8 Php1650.00

Deluxe Rooms  Dollars   Peso
Single               $27.05 Php1150.00
Double               $38.8         Php1650.00
Twin Beds       $41.17 Php1750.00
Triple Beds       $49.4         Php2100.00

Rates depend on the dollar-peso exchange, and thus are subject to change without prior notice. You may want to visit their website for updated rates. 

How to Contact The Royal House Inn
Telephone Number:  +63 (082) 227 3630
 +63 (082) 221 8106
 +63 (999) 888 3630
 +63 (917) 700 3630
 +63 (922) 806 3630


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