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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mr. Misono - Japanese Restaurant in Iloilo

Affordable, Easily Accessible and Great Tasting Japanese Foods

Adding to the limited list of Japanese restaurants in Iloilo is Mr. Misono. Located at Casa Plaza, Corner Gen. Luna – Iznart Streets and opens from Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 9 pm, it is the perfect choice if you want affordable, easily accessible and great tasting Japanese foods.

Mr. Misono: Tokyo Tokyo Meets Teriyaki Boy

While from the outside, the place may seem like a super expensive restaurant, Mr. Misono prides in offering great tasting Japanese foods that are affordable and easy on the budget which makes it like Tokyo Tokyo (known for its great quality and taste) meets Teriyaki Boy (affordability). Also, add the fact that they have friendly and always beaming staff. 

We started off with Beef Sukiyaki which is perfect for people like me who are not well versed with using chopsticks. It's a tasty sweet soup with large chunks of tofu, veggies and you have the option to top it with raw food or not.

Beef Sukiyaki, 
Single Serving Php 89
Sharing (3-4 servings) Php 250

Tai-Teppan, Php 99

Californian Maki at Php 150

Chicken Wakadori starts at Php 120 (3 pieces)
6 Pieces (Php 230)
12 Pieces (Php 440)

With other Iloilo Bloggers at Mr. Misono

Mixed Misono Bento at Php 150

Free Delivery Within Iloilo City

For a minimum order of P500, they offer free deliver to any part of Iloilo City. To order, call them at 336-4189.

Mr. Misono Iloilo Menu and Price List

Super Budget Meals with Unlimited Rice for only Php 99.00 (Ebi-Fry-Don, Tori katsudon, Tonkatsu, Pork Katsudon) 

Tempura (All Shrimps at Php 250, Vegetable Tempura at Php 125, Mixed Tempura at Php 225)

Bento Meals (Beef Misono at Php 150, Chicken Misono at Php 130, All Shrimps Misono at Php 150, Seafood Misono at Php 140, Mixed Misono at Php 150, Tofu Misono at Php 130)

Sushi and Sashimi (Californian Maki at Php 60, Tuna Sashimi at Php 75, Salmon Sashimi at Php 150)
Mr. Misono Fried Rice at Php 40, Gohan at Php 20, Sauteed Sprouts at Php 50

Chicken Teriyaki, Chicken Wakadori, Tai-Teppan and Mixed Tempura all at Php 99 only

Wakadori: Chicken and Tofu

How to Contact Mr. Misono

Address: Casa Plaza, Corner Gen. Luna – Iznart Streets, Iloilo City
Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 9 pm
For Deliveries, call: (033) 336-4189
Facebook: Mr. Misono

Misono Express
Address:108 N- Jalandoni St. Brgy. Lourdes Jaro, Iloilo City
For Deliveries, call: 329-0487


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