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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Go The Extra Mile - It Makes the Difference

Affordable Restaurants in Singapore

Over one week in Singapore working for Leo Burnett Worldwide and I am just starting to learn more about the 9th most expensive city to live in the world.

I pretty much stink at capturing the beauty of Singapore that I wanted to try and capture some of the simplest and perhaps the most beautiful moments and stories instead. 

After work, I would always go straight to the apartment so I could have my dinner and get some rest. Whenever I have dinner, I couldn't help but compare the foods at the Maxwell Food Centre and those are the food kiosks here at Geylang Bahru. The food are way cheaper at the latter than the former. They're too cheap that the taste often become so frustrating that I am forced to grab some bread at the Bread Talk instead.

Today, I did my usual walk on the Kallang Bahru - Geylang Bahru market and passed by a few food stalls, not entirely looking at the menu as they do not only bore my eyes but somehow looking at some of the noodles upset my stomach. I'm not a very picky eater but perhaps I've gotten sick of a few dishes that I no longer look forward for dinner. 

So today I went to this food kiosk where they sell western foods - the usual French Fries, burger, fried chicken. The old woman who was looking after the said stall approached me as to what I'd like to eat. Normally, such approach could be a little annoying. However, today, she strike me as helpful since I was indecisive as to what to eat. She never left me until I eventually decided on the Chicken Cuttlet Butter Rice at SGD $5.50.

The woman who served me didn't just take my order but also took the time to smile at me and really went the extra mile by suggesting where should I sit (since the area she referred me to is a bit colder). Both the old woman and the one who served me have that really warm approaches. Both smiled when they took and gave my order. Suddenly, I felt like I wanna go back there every time I will eat my dinner. 

The Beatitude Western Food

When the food was served, Gawd, it was generous serving! I felt like the chicken was meant for two persons (I felt bad I wasn't able to finish it all because I was too stuffed!) with tomatoes, tomato ketchup, salad - all for just $5.50. 

The small little acts of kindness usually go a long way! Don't forget to make that simple and little act of kindness today!

Chicken Cuttlet Butter Rice $5.50

Below are just some random shots of other restaurants and tea houses I've visited here in Singapore

Ananas Cafe - Near Aljunied MRT

Ananas Cafe - Affordable Foods in Singapore

Cuppy Love - Milk Teas, Shakes, etc

Mixed Duck Meat

Durian in Singapore


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