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Monday, November 19, 2012

3 Must-Visit Cafes Near Tanjong Pagar

Best Cafes Near Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore

Since the temporary closure of the Maxwell Foodcourt, we were forced to look out for various places to eat during lunch. We've tried Capricci, Moo's Bar & Grill and many other restaurants near Tajong Pagar road. 

Then there are some days when we just want to eat at cafes. Below are must-visit cafes near the Tanjong Pagar area.

Located at 30 Penhas Road, it's a haven for people who enjoy pastries and desserts. Aside from their heavenly desserts, their pasta are pretty good too! One couldn't help but marvel at their cozy chairs. Read my full review of the place and their foods here

Antoinette at 30 Penhas Road 

Seafood Alio Olio at $28
Pasta with mussels, scallops, squids, prawns cooked in white wine sauce with olive oil, chili and Italian parsley

Cafe Viennois at $6 
Antoinette Coffee served with creme Chantilly on the side

Le Macaron D'Antoinette

30 Penhas Road
Tel :  +65 6293 3121
Opening Hours :
Mon~ Thu 11am - 10pm
Fri and eve of public holidays 11am - 11pm
Sat 10am - 11pm
Sun and public holidays 10am = 10pm

2. The Muffinry Bakery & Cafe 
The ministry of muffins! They sell the freshestly (I don't care if that word doesn't exist) baked muffins in town.  They serve several types of muffins, loaf cakes, banana bread and many many more!

The Muffinry Bakery & Cafe, The Ministry of Muffins at 112 Telok Ayer Street, 068581

Tried their Blueberry muffins and it smells really fresh and tastes way good. 

The Muffinry
112 Telok Ayer Street
Singapore, Singapore 068581
Phone 6509 6462

3. Talent Cafe

Talent Cafe is the closest cafe to our office that's why it would make it to my weekly must-go place. Living up to their name, they have simple yet unique creative decorations. 

Talent Cafe at 34 Tras Street  079026 6536 7077

I love everything Blueberry so I tried their Blueberry cheesecake. Just the right amount of sweetness!

Talent Cafe 
 34 Tras Street, 079026 6536 7077

Those are just some of my favourite cafes near the Tanjong Pagar area. Feel free to share through the comments section as to what your favourite cafes are!


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