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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Flying Hog Cafe and Bar

Flying Hog Cafe and Bar: Great Place to Chill 

Singapore has got some really interesting restaurants and I officially declare my friend, Anastasia Ong as a human HungryGoWhere! The last couple of restaurants that we went to, (both chosen from her recommendation) were quite good! Here's the review for those restaurants: Antoinette and Moo Bar & Grill

We both don't want to spend a lot of money (Read: over $30 is a lot) on food but we're always on the quest for great good and best service.

Our feet brought us to Flying Hog Cafe & Bar at Duxton Road. It is a place where everyone can go to and have a good time whether you're looking to simply hangout during lunch or enjoy a Friday night. 

We've ordered their set lunch which has free flowing drinks. One of their most popular dishes is the Chicken and Chips so we ordered that and since their waiter recommended the Chicken Chop, we went and ordered that as well. The latter proved to be ridiculously delicious and superb. The combination of mashed potato and grilled chicken was simply irresistibly great! 

Flying Hog Cafe and Bar at Duxton Road 

Chicken Chop: Highly recommended. Grilled chicken with mashed potato. I'm not a fan of mashed potato but their combination for their dish is just superb! 

Chicken and Chips: Considered to be one of their Most Popular dishes but I think the Chicken Chop was so much better! 

My friend, Anastasia Ong, I completely trust all her restaurant recommendations!

Well said. 

Well played ;)

How to Get to Flying Hog Cafe and Bar
Phone 63271518/96484828


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