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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Weekend in Malaysia

Starmart Express Air Asia Liner (Singapore): Affordable Coach to Malaysia

Going to Malaysia has always been a dream of mine and working with a diverse advertising company in Singapore has helped me travel Singapore's neighbouring countries (e.g. Indonesia) in such a breeze and at much cheaper rates. 

Last weekend, I traveled with my colleague, Anastasia Ong. Yeah, she's the one I've been having lunch with. We took the night trip from the Golden Mile through the Starmart Express which costed us $63 each for the two-way fare (including the online booking fee).

Since my blogger friend, Mary Jane Fitzsimmons, and her family moved to Malaysia, I thought it would be a perfect time to visit them and we didn't do anything but take photos during my visit! :)

Me in front of the Suria Mall fountain 

Fountain during the night 

Me at the Idaman Residence

Me at the Jelly Bunny Shoe Store

Me with the Nuffnang Founder, Timothy Tiah and Mary Jane

Thanks Mary Jane for making my weekend trip to Malaysia a memorable and exciting one! 


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