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Monday, September 22, 2014

Mogu Mogu: Possibly The Best Drink Ever

I remember I was too tired and popped in Watsons in SM Delgado to grab a cold drink. 

I used to enjoy a Japanese 'beauty drink' which is advertised as 'revitalizing drink'. In the mood to try another drink, I tried Mogu Mogu - Lychee flavour. It's got nata de coco and got a cute smiling design on the lid which immediately won me over. 

One sip and it was refreshing - just right amount of sweetness from the nata de coco and for some reason it felt filling. You know that kind of thirst you get whenever you drink soda or eat an ice cream? 

I definitely did not feel that from Mogu Mogu. That's when I fell in love with this sweet cold drink. 

One bottle costs Php 32.00 available in Watsons, Quix Mart and 7-Eleven while I've managed to grab a bunch of them at Php 29.00 only in Gaisano Mall


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