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Monday, September 29, 2014

SM Has The Best Fruits, at Least in Iloilo

Whenever I buy groceries, I would usually go to Iloilo Supermart or SM Delgado. 

Yesterday though, me and mom decided to buy from Gaisano City Lapaz. We've bought watermelons and pineapples from there and I've got to say that SM has far better quality fruits! While it may be cheaper to buy fruits from street vendors and somewhere else, I've noticed that grapes and especially pineapple stocks from SM Malls are way better. Perhaps because larger companies have better logistics and storage capacities when compared to smaller establishments. 

Just wanted to send publish a quick note on this so I could keep this in mind whenever I buy new fruits in the future. 

Do you have any favourite store where you buy your fruits and groceries from? 


  1. When I was still in Iloilo, seven pm is the best time to buy fruits from Robinson's Supermarket. Prices are dropped to half but still fresh.