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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Spa Circle at Injap Tower: Possibly The Best Spa in iloilo

Spa Circle in Iloilo: 5th Floor of Injap Tower

I'm such a sucker for great massages. Every time I visit a new city, I would always go to a spa center and get a whole body massage, ventosa (cupping) and a great foot massage. The first ever great massage experience I've had was at the Pacific Spa in Davao. The music and service were so great and unbelievably reasonably priced too! 

So I'm always good for a great massage here in Iloilo. Much to my pleasure when me and boyfie learned that we both love massage so much. So last Sunday, we decided to get a whole body massage. Since Spa Riviera has always been a favorite, we've decided to go there first. We were told to wait for 1 hour and 30 minutes since we didn't book an appointment. Not wanting to waste time and simply relax, we've decided to go to Spa Circle where we've been received with warm smiles by the receptionist. She was so helpful that she actually checked to those who booked whether they want to cancel or not. Unfortunately the couple who booked the couple service arrived after 3 minutes. We then went to Nuat Thai in Diversion Road and was told that Nuat Thai in Sarabia Hotel had 2 female masseuse available. We had 1 hour body massage and 30 minutes foot massage and ventosa (cupping) to which we paid Php 380.00 each. It was relaxing experience though we wish there was a shower room in their Sarabia Hotel branch (their Diversion road have!).

Last night, we've decided to check out Spa Circle again. The same hospitality we've experienced when we inquired last Sunday was extended to us. The receptionist along with other Spa Circle staff were so friendly and attentive. We've decided to have 30 minutes sauna which costed us Php200.00 each. If the service is availed together with any massage, it would be Php100.00 per 15 minutes. 

After payment, we were escorted to our room where we changed to our designated robes. We then headed to the sauna room which is slightly smaller than that of Spa Riviera but noticeably more modern. The experience was definitely great as the room was complete with towel and water and all the necessary things you'd need inside a sauna room. 

There were two separate comfort rooms (toilets) and shower rooms for men and women complete with shampoo and shower gel. The rooms were noticeably spic and span, smells refreshing and there's a constant soothing music in all rooms. Spa Circle definitely is climbing up the charts of my favorite spa centers not just in Iloilo!

Spa Circle is located at 5th Floor of Injap Tower, opens at 12 noon till 12 midnight. 
You may call them for inquiries and reservations by dialing 3307100 or 09228157091

Monday, February 25, 2013

pureDKNY: Drop of rose, a Drop of Goodwill

pureDKNY A Drop of Rose Eau de Parfum: Cause for Women

More than a fragrance, through DKNY's partnership with CARE International, pureDKNY is helping to make an impact on improving the financial future for women in Africa, one drop at a time.
pureDKNY: A Drop of Rose, Drop of Goodwill

Earlier today me and my roommate went to TANGS Orchard to check out some perfumes as I love her DKNY perfume. It's soft, light and simply delightful. However, I decided to check out other brands such as PRADA, Dior, Estee Lauder and many others. 

For someone who isn't used to wearing perfumes, I was told by one of the sales clerks that I need to start with something light and that he told me the trick to truly appreciate the fragrances is to wave the paper where I prayed the eu de parfum on and not directly smell it because I would need to allow it to be absorbed. I also learned that the smell of coffee bean helps refresh my nostrils and be able to appreciate the other fragrances.

We scoured the TANGS Orchard for the light, feminine and perfect perfume. Most of the perfumes I've tried were too strong and I immediately needed to go to the next perfume. Then we saw the pureDKNY perfume.  

The DKNY stall was decorated with light pink roses. The message caught my attention: a drop of rose, a drop of goodwill

As part of the pureDKNY fragrance family, ‘a drop of rose’ continues DKNY’s on-going partnership with humanitarian organisation CARE International, to help women in poorer communities pull themselves out of poverty, one drop at a time.
After Vanilla from Uganda (A Drop of Vanilla, 2010), Verbena from Togo (A Drop of Verbena, 2011), pureDKNY A Drop of Rose (2012)’s main ingredient, roses, are harvested from local farmers in Turkey, the majority of whom are female. This helps secure long-term production of roses in Isparta.

For someone who is an advocate for women empowerment, I really appreciate companies who fulfill their social responsibility. I knew that pureDKNY was the perfect scent for me. It's clean, light and the fact that they help provide livelihood to women truly caught my attention. I ended up buying not just the pureDKNY but also the DKNY Delicious Fresh Blossom Eau So Intense.

I totally love DKNY now. It's not everyday that I buy perfume but when I do, I make sure that what I purchase truly reflects me and the advocacy I support. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dove Hair Therapy: Perhaps The Best Conditioner EVER

Dove Hair Therapy: Hair Fall Rescue

I've previously wrote a review of the top 3 leading shampoos in the market: L'Oreal, Dove and Pantene. When you purchase shampoos here in Singapore, they are come in large bottles and usually come with paired conditioners. I'm not easily impressed with beauty products..but once I'm overly impressed I got crazy and wish to shout it to the world. Like I did here

I love the scent of the Dove shampoo. I love how my hair TRULY got so soft afterwards. No bullshit. No overrating. But their conditioner was a revelation.

I started using it last night and I was quite surprised with the yellow streak when I opened it. It's gotta be Trichazole Actives (Alien term I know! A fellow blogger brought some light as to what it does here

Basically it helps strengthen my already falling hair and prevent more hair from falling. I hate hate hate how I have to constantly clean my room because of this!

I'm not a fan of conditioners before because I don't think they really make your hair smooth and all those crazy claims they give on the advertisements but jeez, I'm converted! Right after I wash it off, my hair got dang smooth. I've previously seen the good remarks and reviews about how good the Dove Hair Therapy shampoos and conditioners are..but I guess you wouldn't really feel the magic until you try it for yourself.

Did I mention it smells so dang great too?! 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Review of Three Leading Shampoos: Pantene, L'Oreal, Dove Hair Theraphy

Dove, L'Oreal, Pantene: Which is The Best Shampoo?

For women, whose crowning glory is the hair, we are always on the look out for the best shampoo that will provide our hair with the best care and bring out the best in it. Which among the shampoos in the market today can give you the best hair care?

With all the fancy ads and TV commercials, which ones among them truly deliver results?

I've always had a long hair even way back in grade school. The only time I remember having a short or bob hair was when I was in high school when Mandy Moore's short hair was such a hit. 

For someone with long hair, maintenance is not an easy feat. There were even shampoo commercials where they admonished the viewers to brush the hair 100 times to make it shinier (Oh, those were the days!)

Me during my graduation in grade school. I've always had a long hair!

Me having a ridiculously long hair in high school

Up to now, I still have long hair. Even now that I'm here in Singapore, I try to keep my hair long, straight and healthy. (The part where I need to keep it long actually is because it's way expensive to get a hair cut here! haha)

Me during my interview with GMA Network's Think Before You Click (Special Edition) [Video here]

Since most of the shampoos are being sold in quite large bottles (trust me, I think life is so much easier in the Philippines when I could just buy shampoo in sachets), I had to keep using the same shampoo until it runs out. 

I've tried several shampoos in the past, so I thought I'd be cool to try others. Trust me, I've had Vidal Sassoon, Vaseline, Ivory, Luz, Rejoice, etc etc. Name those household name shampoos, I've tried them all. 

1. L'Oreal
A friend recommended this shampoo to me because she said it smells great. The truth is, I was greatly disappointed with its smell. Sure it's got that citrusy smell but I don't think it's really as good at it's being overly hyped. They're being endorsed by some of the prettiest faces in the entertainment industry but dude, these ladies have 24/7 hair stylists that help them maintain their hair and get all the hair therapy in the world when they want so if you're just a normal working girl who constantly braves the heat, rain and traffic everyday, forget it. L'Oreal wouldn't give you the same fresh, healthy and ridiculously shiny hair like the ones you see in the commercials. 

I've been using L'Oreal for over a month and look at what I've accumulated. Aside from the fact that it doesn't smell as great as what my friend told me, it doesn't even aid in my hair fall problem. Oh wait, I remember it's even the shampoo that has probably caused it!

Hair fall after using the wrong shampoo

2. Pantene
Pantene shampoo also uses many angelic and beautiful faces in the local industry to promote their products. I've been using this shampoo since I was in grade school and I must say it's one of those that's truly at par with expectations. At some point I had to avoid using it because it's a bit costly when compared to other shampoos but switching to other brands only prove to be a silly decision as I start getting dandruff or worse, just like what I've experienced with L'Oreal, I had hair fall! 

3. Dove 
Dove has always been a strong player when it comes to soap. I remember a grade school classmate told me his mum doesn't use a shampoo anymore whenever she uses the Dove soap. Of course being a gullible person that I was, I thought that was amazing. It was until recently when Dove launched their Hair Therapy products. 

When I slept over at Mary Jane's house, first thing I've noticed is that she's using Dove Hair Therapy. It smells great. Seriously. Aside from the fact that it smells great, it's brownie points to me when in the middle of the day, I smelled my hair that that same sweet smell lasted! Okay it may sound too good to be true, but jeez, those commercials you see, it's true (well, at least for Dove).

Of course your choice of shampoo depends on your hair care and since I'm not a hair expert, you would still need to visit a dermatologist or someone whom you really trust for your hair care to check which type of shampoo with work best for your type of hair. Also, don't believe the TV commercials you see. Ask your friends, compare reviews and don't be afraid to switch when you feel the need to!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Why Every Lady Should Wear Corset

Benefits of Wearing Corset - Why Every Woman Should Wear It

Since I moved here in Singapore, I've started wearing dresses since almost everyone I bump into wear one. Whether it be in the MRT, in restaurants, at the office or at the mall. Doning my usual get up which is conspired of jeans and t-shirt simply seem to put me out of place. 

However, since most dresses were designed for petite women, I struggle in finding a dress that will complement my curves (because I refuse to call myself fat ;) and most of the dresses available are either too short or too tight for my body type. 

No, I don't want to undergo any physical hardships and programs to lose weight simply because I don't have the time to and don't feel the need to. So I thought I'd turn to corsets. 

Corsets have long been used as an accessory for aesthetic purpose in the fashion world.  They were designed to give women an instant feminine hour glass figure, to emphasize certain areas of the body, and to distribute the weight of heavy dresses. 

So while I was at Ang Mo Kio Hub yesterday, I dropped by Triumph, a trusted name and the leading manufacturer of women's underwear, lingerie, sports bras, swimwear and night clothes. 

The saleslady named Coco immediately approached me and asked if how she could help me. Of course she can! I asked her to direct me to their shaping collection and she then proceeded to get my measurements. I tried several items before deciding on a black corset.

After a whole day of wearing it yesterday, I feel that every woman should own one. Below are just some reasons why:

Benefits of Wearing Corset

1. Corrects Posture

Corsets help minimize back pain and correct posture, to help those with past injuries (e.g. car accidents, slipped discs), neurological disorders (e.g. tics, ataxia) and autoimmune disorders (e.g. osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia).

2. Control your diet

Converse to the previous point, many women have been able to overcome their eating disorders and learn to embrace and celebrate their curves by wearing a corset. Many have gained and maintained a healthy weight, since their girth and eating habits are “controlled” by the corset.

Corsets can boost the self-image of those with low self esteem, and encourage a greater notion of self-worth – this can apply to those with poor body image and those who have been emotionally abused.

3. Confidence 

Corsets improve a person’s carriage and give the wearer a certain poise –  the air of confidence, high self-esteem and assertiveness, whether or not they may feel confident that day. This body language – straight posture, chest high, shoulders back – silently demands respect from others. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Groupon + Eden Spa Review

Groupon Deal: $38 for 80 min Full Body Massage + Herbal-Detox Foot Bath at Eden Spa in City Hall (Worth $220)

Guess what my first purchase for the month of October is?! A Groupon Deal: $38 for 80 min Full Body Massage + Herbal-Detox Foot Bath at Eden Spa in City Hall (usually worth $220).

I may be a pennypincher but I'm big on pampering [Read my previous post on Pacific Spa in Davao and Anea Nail Spa]. I love full body massages and it totally rocks my socks that I could save on this service through Groupon. Alright, I was a bit skeptic about these deals sites but I thought I'd give it a try. 

Will let you know once I finally get to redeem the voucher and will definitely keep you posted about the Eden Spa service. I've read mixed reviews about it: one that says it's great, while the other says it's not

So, we'll see :)

I've already booked an appointment with Eden Spa today and was scheduled to have the service on November 24th at 2:30 pm so will share with you about the experience by then! 

In the meantime, I can't wait to go to Jakarta on October 12th!! 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Dove Chocolate Ice Cream

Dove + Magnum = Dove Chocolate Ice Cream? 

When the Magnum craze hit the Philippines, everybody literally when crazy. Almost everyone on my Facebook network were posting photos of them eating the luxury ice cream. A single ice cream stick costs Php 50.00 yet it almost automatically and immediately becomes out of stock. Well, who wouldn't fall and grab a bite of luxury? 

So today while browsing for great deals, I was surprised to see what was on The Coupon Goddess's cart: Dove Chocolate Ice Cream.   

Dove is commonly known for manufacturing soaps and shampoos so since there are lots of its  products that are not available in the Philippines, I was surprised and the ice cream lover in me craved for a Dove Ice Cream Bar. It looks just like Magnum and it sure dang look like it tastes good! Dove, please bring Dove Chocolate ice cream to the Philippines! :) 
On a different note, Dove Hair has an existing contest where it lets you win various exciting prices, see the whole mechanics here.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Anea Nail Spa - Best Nail Care Experience

Whenever I needed my manicure and pedicure done, there's only one place that comes to mind - Anea Nail Spa Center. It currently has two branches in Iloilo - one is located in Amigo Mall while the one I frequently go to is located at the 2nd Floor of Robinsons Place Iloilo. 

There are 10 white comfortable seats that's always filled with customers, a clear sign that they're truly giving an excellent job in serving its customers. While Anea Nail Spa mainly specializes in nail care, they also offer various services like waxing (armpit, half leg, full leg, mustache, back, arms, Brazilian, bikini) foot scrub, foot massage, hair wax, hot stone and threading.

Aside from the cozy ambience of Anea Nail Spa, there are no other nail care centers in Iloilo where one could get a truly customized nail art like the Facebook Nail Art  like the one I before my interview with GMA News TV. I scoured all the nail centers in Iloilo and others just offered to stamp an F on my nails which clearly doesn't do what I required. However, I was greatly delighted when one of the manicurists at Anea agreed to do it! 

From that time on, I became a loyal customer of the place :)

 There's a wide selection of nail art designs to choose from 

Anea Nail Spa Prices

Manicure          Php 90
Pedicure           Php 95
Nail Art            Php 80
Foot Scrub         Php 200

Regular Massage 
    30 minutes          Php 140
    1 Hour                Php 180

Hot Stone Massage 
    30 minutes          Php 180
    1 Hour                Php 230

Hair Wax Removal

     Female               Php 250
     Male                  Php 300

Half Leg 
     Female             Php 400    
     Male                Php 600

Bikini                     Php 450
Brazilian                 Php 600

Full Leg
Female                 Php 600
Male                   Php 800

Mustache            Php 200

Female               Php 400
Male                  Php 600

How to Contact Anea Nail Spa Center

Telephone 3007271 / 3015005

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pacific Spa Davao

Total Pacific Relaxing Experience at Pacific Spa Davao

Pacific Spa Davao looks so simple at first glance. Once you get inside, it gives you a feeling that you've just entered an old pharmacy, the kind of feeling everytime I visit my friend's house whose parents are both dentists. I initially didn't get the idea of the empty clam shells displayed together with their various spa products for sale. 

Once you get inside, you will be escorted by your masseuse or masseur depending on your choice. I was with Marin and Flow of so three courteous women prepared our slippers. 

My masseuse, Curt (she's a she just in case you're curious) prepared a rose foot soak and I immediately felt at home. I couldn't help but compare the type of massage from that of Spa Riviera in Iloilo. I told Curt I needed a moderate massage so maybe that's why I felt the pressure wasn't too extreme. 

The whole massage experience's highlight was the Ventosa cupping method where I could really feel all the stress of the whole week were immediately washed away at that very moment. 

For the price of P300, the Swedish massage and Ventosa experience at Pacific Spa Davao was amazing. Just don't mind the weird setup at their reception area. Later did I realize what their whole setting was all about when their music seem to have transported me to the beaches of Palawan. The music was so relaxing and truly a pacific experience.

How to go to Pacific Spa Davao

Pacific Spa is at Claro M. Recto Street, Davao City beside Marco Polo Hotel fronting Aldevinco back of Miami Foods.  There’s a street in between BDO and Miami Foods which is the only road to get to their place.

Services Offered at Pacific Spa Davao

Aside from the massage service, they also provide various other services such as Diamond Peel Dermabrasion for Php 650; Cleansing Facial for only Php 250; Deep Cleansing Facial for Php 285; Whitening Vitality for Php 385; Wrinkle Removing Facial for Php 385 and many others. You may view the full list of their services here

How to Contact Pacific Spa Davao
Telephone:+(63) 82-300-8880 or (+63) 932-300-8880