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Friday, June 15, 2012

7 Must-Visit and Must-Try in Davao

Davao is more than just its Durian. It's got great food and amazingly welcoming people. Below are just some of the must-visit places when you're in the city. You may click on each link for details. 

1. Lachi's - Best Sans Rival
2. Sencha - Milk Tea 
3. Pacific Spa - Great Spa Center. Try their Ventosa 
4. Crocodile Park - Crocodile Sausages are must-try! 
5. People's Park - Accessible and a great place to visit during the night. 
6. Barbecue Boss - Affordable barbecue meals
7. Voyager - Very educational astronomical experience

Do you have any other must-visit places in Davao? Feel free to recommend them through the comments below! 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Voyager Philippines - Astronomy and Space Exploration

Voyager Philippines - Astronomy and Space Exploration

In every adult there would always be that little kid that wants to explore the universe. We all went through the times when we enjoy our science class mainly because of those round object known as planets. So when we were in Davao City together with Davao Bloggers for the Generation Change Project, we stopped by the SM City Davao and so much to my excitement when we saw the Voyager

I've seen them on the news the week before. They are the group of people whose mission is to give students a deeper understanding and appreciation of astronomy and space exploration. To allow them to experience educational entertainment that will maximize their learning potential. To motivate and inspire citizens and students through the latest innovations in astronomy programs and software developed by a group of Filipino professional and amateur astronomers.

Voyager Educational and Events Services is a company of credence and excellence that caters to all forms of special events. It specializes on educational services particularly ASTRONOMY-RELATED EVENTS.

Before we could get stubs/tickets to enter their makeshift dome-shaped tent, we were asked to login to our Facebook accounts and like their Facebook Page (visit their page and I reckon you'd LIKE them, they're awesome bunch!). 

There were also booths where you could get a taste of being outside our universe as an astronaut and peek at various types of telescopes. That's just outside, wait till you're actually inside the dome-shaped tent.

Inside the dome-shaped tent (I really don't know what it's called but it looks pretty cool), you will be transported from the Earth to various planets in the galaxy. It was also explained why there's night and day and all those fun facts that reminds you of grade school years. The animation and transporting effects were pretty neat and for a moment in my stay in Davao City, I felt like a kid again thirsting for knowledge of the worlds beyond our own.  

If you're in SM City Davao, be sure to visit them! 

How to Contact Voyager Philippines

Location: Door #1, JKA Bldg., Tahimik Avenue, Bangkal, 8000 Davao City, Philippines
Phone: (082) 295 6755

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lachi's Sans Rival and Desserts

Lachi's - The Best Sans Rival and Desserts in Davao

Right after eating crocodile sausages at Dundee Gourmet Cuisine in Crocodile Farm, me and other Davao Bloggers went to Lachi's. It wouldn't be Sans Rival and Desserts if it's not Lachi's. 

Lachi's famous Sans Rival

When their famous Sans Rival was served, one can conclude that Lachi's Sans Rival definitely has no rival. Hands down. 

Lachi's Blueberry Cheesecake

Renz Bulseco of The Geek Travels, Dulce Lada - the President of Davao Bloggers, Me, Flow of Ang sa Wari Ko and Berniemack Arelláno of Habagat Central while we were waiting for our orders :)

How to Contact Lachi's in Davao
Street Address: Door 1-H VAL Learning Village,
Ruby Street, Marfori Heights,
Davao City
Contact Number: 822245552

Monday, April 30, 2012

Affordable Barbecue at Barbecue Boss in Davao

Barbecue Boss: Affordable Barbecue and Unlimited Rice

For someone who likes inasal (barbecue) a lot, I could hardly believe that there's really a place where you could buy barbecue for only Php 6. Yet, there it was, just a few blocks away from Davao's People's Park stands the Barbecue Boss

The place strictly prohibits its customers from smoking but they do serve light drinks. The ambiance is pretty much like that in Mang Inasal except that it's smaller, the lights are dimmer. They also have this weird procedure where they require their customers to sign a paper every time your order has been delivered. The waiters don't seem to be attentive too. I had to wave several times just to get my cola and unlike in Mang Inasal, they don't really keep tabs as to who needs more rice even if you've ordered unlimited rice.

P6 Only Barbecue Catch

Just like in any advertising, their P6-only barbecue is that you have to buy a minimum of 5 pieces which immediately requires you to pay P30, which I think is quite reasonable. 

For P6 per stick don't expect too much on the taste because you really get what you paid for. The unlimited rice for P15 wasn't close to satisfying because each cup served is clearly limited unlike in Mang Inasal where each cup really is siksik. 

Over-all, I paid a total of Php 45 for one meal (Php 30 for 5 pieces of pork barbecue and Php 15 for unlimited rice) which is pretty cheap. 

Would I recommend it? If you want a totally satisfying meal, not really. However, if you're following a budget then Barbecue Boss isn't bad at all. 

Crocodile Sausage at Dundee Gourmet Cuisine

Crocodile Sausage at the Dundee Gourmet Cuisine Crocodile Farm

During our quick trip to Davao, me and the Davao Bloggers went to Crocodile Farm and we did the unthinkable. We ate crocodile sausages! There were two flavors: Australian Cheese and Pepper. Both flavors cost Ph 98.00. I chose the Australian Cheese since I figured the latter would be a bit spicy. 

The meat did not really taste any weird at all. It was like I was just eating a regular hotdog but crocodile but since it was processed, it didn't taste anything peculiar. The skin of the meat though was a little funny because I had to bite it several times! Guess it wouldn't be crocodile sausage for nothing! ;)

Royale House Inn in Davao

Located at 34 C.M. Recto Avenue of Davao City, The Royale House Travel Inn & Suites gives its guests just the right view and access to the key streets and places in the downtown of Davao. 

The Royal House Travel Inn and Suites is budget-friendly for travelers. It known for its high quality sleep-and-stay at very affordable rates. It also boasts of its well kept rooms, hot and cold showers, Cable TVs, function rooms, a cozy café/ lobby with Wifi connection, and delightful service. 

There are three things I love the most about the hotel aside from it's affordable. First, the receptionists were courteous and easy to talk to. Second, I forgot the name of their manager but I love that she gave us tips as to where to go for buffet meals. I think simple things like that make a real difference. Lastly, when a friend noticed that one of their windows seem to have been detached, the hotel management immediately attended to the issue. 

Rooms & Accommodation Rates

Standard Rooms    Dollars      Peso
Economy Single $18.1 Php 765.00
Economy Double $23.5       Php1000.00
Standard Single        $20.7 Php880.00
Standard Twin         $30.6 Php1300.00
Economy Family $38.8 Php1650.00

Deluxe Rooms  Dollars   Peso
Single               $27.05 Php1150.00
Double               $38.8         Php1650.00
Twin Beds       $41.17 Php1750.00
Triple Beds       $49.4         Php2100.00

Rates depend on the dollar-peso exchange, and thus are subject to change without prior notice. You may want to visit their website for updated rates. 

How to Contact The Royal House Inn
Telephone Number:  +63 (082) 227 3630
 +63 (082) 221 8106
 +63 (999) 888 3630
 +63 (917) 700 3630
 +63 (922) 806 3630

Sunday, April 29, 2012

SenCha Milk Tea Place in Davao

SenCha Milk Tea Place in Davao

On the first day of our barely 3 and a half days stay in Davao City for the Generation Project by the U.S. Embassy, I've met with some of the nicest and truly accommodating Davao Bloggers headed by their President, Dulce Rose Lada. 

We met at Sencha Milk Tea Place. SenCha Milk Tea Place in Davao is a haven for milk tea lovers. They have a wide selection of milk tea, coffee and fruit shakes which makes it perfect place for meet ups. 

There weren't any other customers when we entered the place so we immediately settled at their cozy cute pinky seats like bosses. 

These seats are seriously dang cute! I immediately fell in love with the place. The ambiance was just perfect for meet ups especially when you're meeting up with milk tea lovers. Being someone who doesn't drink coffee and tea, it was pleasantly surprising to see that they serve fruit shakes too. 

For only Php 95, I got myself a Grande Strawberry Fruit Shake from their Fruit Snow Selection. Being a strawberry lover that I am, it was good treat from SenCha Milk Tea Place - wide selection of milk tea and drinks, cozy ambiance and free WiFi connection which makes it perfect for meet ups. 

You may also read a much more detailed review of SenCha Milk Tea Place by Renz of TheTravelingNomad here

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pacific Spa Davao

Total Pacific Relaxing Experience at Pacific Spa Davao

Pacific Spa Davao looks so simple at first glance. Once you get inside, it gives you a feeling that you've just entered an old pharmacy, the kind of feeling everytime I visit my friend's house whose parents are both dentists. I initially didn't get the idea of the empty clam shells displayed together with their various spa products for sale. 

Once you get inside, you will be escorted by your masseuse or masseur depending on your choice. I was with Marin and Flow of so three courteous women prepared our slippers. 

My masseuse, Curt (she's a she just in case you're curious) prepared a rose foot soak and I immediately felt at home. I couldn't help but compare the type of massage from that of Spa Riviera in Iloilo. I told Curt I needed a moderate massage so maybe that's why I felt the pressure wasn't too extreme. 

The whole massage experience's highlight was the Ventosa cupping method where I could really feel all the stress of the whole week were immediately washed away at that very moment. 

For the price of P300, the Swedish massage and Ventosa experience at Pacific Spa Davao was amazing. Just don't mind the weird setup at their reception area. Later did I realize what their whole setting was all about when their music seem to have transported me to the beaches of Palawan. The music was so relaxing and truly a pacific experience.

How to go to Pacific Spa Davao

Pacific Spa is at Claro M. Recto Street, Davao City beside Marco Polo Hotel fronting Aldevinco back of Miami Foods.  There’s a street in between BDO and Miami Foods which is the only road to get to their place.

Services Offered at Pacific Spa Davao

Aside from the massage service, they also provide various other services such as Diamond Peel Dermabrasion for Php 650; Cleansing Facial for only Php 250; Deep Cleansing Facial for Php 285; Whitening Vitality for Php 385; Wrinkle Removing Facial for Php 385 and many others. You may view the full list of their services here

How to Contact Pacific Spa Davao
Telephone:+(63) 82-300-8880 or (+63) 932-300-8880