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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Live Long Detox Bar and Organic Shop: Living Healthy Has Never Tasted This Good!

Live Long Detox Bar and Organic Shop: Seriously Best Tasting Organic Shop in Town

Me and my partner are no strangers to healthy eating. In fact, we've long been fans of healthy foods even when we were in Iloilo!

We would order homemade good food, so we were both thrilled to learn about Live Long Detox Bar and Organic Shop

Live Long Detox Bar and Organic Shop 
They deliver within Baguio. 
Call or text them at (074) 244-8318 / 09172483008

As I type this in now, I am still literally having goosebumps (in a good way) at how delicious their Goddess Grilled Chicken is! I seriously couldn't believe that the taste of freshness and healthy could co-exist in such humble packaging. 

The chicken meat along with the fresh salad are just honestly such a perfect combo, I kept asking myself, "Is this real life"? I kid you not! 

 Live Long Detox Bar & Organic Shop Menu

Wrapped in paper box (yep, not styro foam!), the foods were neatly and so organizedly delivered in our place in less than an hour (so much earlier  and quicker than most delivery options - even way faster than 'fast foods'. 

Address: Address: Philhealth Bldg, 19 Leonard Road, Baguio City

Photo Courtesy of Live Long Detox Bar and Organic Shop Facebook

If you're in Baguio, you totally shouldn't miss out the chance to visit Live Long Detox Bar and Organic Shop and give their Goddess Grilled Chicken a try and I couldn't wait to visit their actual place for their smoothies too. In the meantime,  I am yet to try the Cute Cabbage wrap and my Queen Quesadillas but both already got my partner's stamp of approval, so I'm sure they'd be such great healthy treats too. 

To contact them for order or delivery within Baguio city, call or text them: (074) 244-8318 / 09172483008, they're pretty friendly and quick! 

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Healthy Kitchen Iloilo: Healthy Foods Delivered For You

Fresh and Healthy Food Option in Iloilo: Healthy Kitchen Iloilo

Quickly being added to two of our favorite healthy food restaurants in Iloilo - Midway (right across SM Delgado) and Remnant (in Lapaz), Healthy Kitchen Iloilo has a wide range of fresh and delightful foods for those who are constantly looking to live healthy. Spring rolls are def my fave - me and boyfie would always marvel at the fresh and sweet smell of cilantro! 

Vegetarian could delight from fresh Vietnamese spring rolls, to Chicken Shawarma, to Eggplant Burger, Healthy Kitchen Iloilo lives up to every health and fitness buff - the foods are delicious (who said healthy foods can't be tasty?). Definitely reminds me of Shake Shack! 

Do they have food delivery within Iloilo City? 

Yes! We contacted them via Facebook and Viber and Myka immediately got back to us with our order and was scheduled to be delivered in Injap Tower Hotel later in the afternoon. 

Contact Number: 09178556952

Healthy Kitchen Iloilo Menu and Pricing List 
Vietnamese Spring Rolls
Shrimp at Php 150
Chicken at Php 125

Spicy Tuna Pasta at Php 100

Chicken Swarma with Tabbouleh Rice at Php 140

Veggie Meat Barbecue with Green Mango Salad at Php 135

Vegetarian Eggplan Sandwich at Php 85