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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Spa Circle at Injap Tower: Possibly The Best Spa in iloilo

Spa Circle in Iloilo: 5th Floor of Injap Tower

I'm such a sucker for great massages. Every time I visit a new city, I would always go to a spa center and get a whole body massage, ventosa (cupping) and a great foot massage. The first ever great massage experience I've had was at the Pacific Spa in Davao. The music and service were so great and unbelievably reasonably priced too! 

So I'm always good for a great massage here in Iloilo. Much to my pleasure when me and boyfie learned that we both love massage so much. So last Sunday, we decided to get a whole body massage. Since Spa Riviera has always been a favorite, we've decided to go there first. We were told to wait for 1 hour and 30 minutes since we didn't book an appointment. Not wanting to waste time and simply relax, we've decided to go to Spa Circle where we've been received with warm smiles by the receptionist. She was so helpful that she actually checked to those who booked whether they want to cancel or not. Unfortunately the couple who booked the couple service arrived after 3 minutes. We then went to Nuat Thai in Diversion Road and was told that Nuat Thai in Sarabia Hotel had 2 female masseuse available. We had 1 hour body massage and 30 minutes foot massage and ventosa (cupping) to which we paid Php 380.00 each. It was relaxing experience though we wish there was a shower room in their Sarabia Hotel branch (their Diversion road have!).

Last night, we've decided to check out Spa Circle again. The same hospitality we've experienced when we inquired last Sunday was extended to us. The receptionist along with other Spa Circle staff were so friendly and attentive. We've decided to have 30 minutes sauna which costed us Php200.00 each. If the service is availed together with any massage, it would be Php100.00 per 15 minutes. 

After payment, we were escorted to our room where we changed to our designated robes. We then headed to the sauna room which is slightly smaller than that of Spa Riviera but noticeably more modern. The experience was definitely great as the room was complete with towel and water and all the necessary things you'd need inside a sauna room. 

There were two separate comfort rooms (toilets) and shower rooms for men and women complete with shampoo and shower gel. The rooms were noticeably spic and span, smells refreshing and there's a constant soothing music in all rooms. Spa Circle definitely is climbing up the charts of my favorite spa centers not just in Iloilo!

Spa Circle is located at 5th Floor of Injap Tower, opens at 12 noon till 12 midnight. 
You may call them for inquiries and reservations by dialing 3307100 or 09228157091

Friday, June 15, 2012

7 Must-Visit and Must-Try in Davao

Davao is more than just its Durian. It's got great food and amazingly welcoming people. Below are just some of the must-visit places when you're in the city. You may click on each link for details. 

1. Lachi's - Best Sans Rival
2. Sencha - Milk Tea 
3. Pacific Spa - Great Spa Center. Try their Ventosa 
4. Crocodile Park - Crocodile Sausages are must-try! 
5. People's Park - Accessible and a great place to visit during the night. 
6. Barbecue Boss - Affordable barbecue meals
7. Voyager - Very educational astronomical experience

Do you have any other must-visit places in Davao? Feel free to recommend them through the comments below! 

Monday, April 30, 2012

Royale House Inn in Davao

Located at 34 C.M. Recto Avenue of Davao City, The Royale House Travel Inn & Suites gives its guests just the right view and access to the key streets and places in the downtown of Davao. 

The Royal House Travel Inn and Suites is budget-friendly for travelers. It known for its high quality sleep-and-stay at very affordable rates. It also boasts of its well kept rooms, hot and cold showers, Cable TVs, function rooms, a cozy café/ lobby with Wifi connection, and delightful service. 

There are three things I love the most about the hotel aside from it's affordable. First, the receptionists were courteous and easy to talk to. Second, I forgot the name of their manager but I love that she gave us tips as to where to go for buffet meals. I think simple things like that make a real difference. Lastly, when a friend noticed that one of their windows seem to have been detached, the hotel management immediately attended to the issue. 

Rooms & Accommodation Rates

Standard Rooms    Dollars      Peso
Economy Single $18.1 Php 765.00
Economy Double $23.5       Php1000.00
Standard Single        $20.7 Php880.00
Standard Twin         $30.6 Php1300.00
Economy Family $38.8 Php1650.00

Deluxe Rooms  Dollars   Peso
Single               $27.05 Php1150.00
Double               $38.8         Php1650.00
Twin Beds       $41.17 Php1750.00
Triple Beds       $49.4         Php2100.00

Rates depend on the dollar-peso exchange, and thus are subject to change without prior notice. You may want to visit their website for updated rates. 

How to Contact The Royal House Inn
Telephone Number:  +63 (082) 227 3630
 +63 (082) 221 8106
 +63 (999) 888 3630
 +63 (917) 700 3630
 +63 (922) 806 3630

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Punta Villa Hotel and Resort

Whether you're looking to unwind during the weekend on by the seaside or wish to jump off the pool, Punta Villa Hotel and Resort located in the seaside district of Arevalo in Iloilo City is the best place to go to. 

Punta Villa Resort Amenities

Their amenities include Board Room, Crown Ballroom, Crystall Ballroom, Gloria Maris Garden, Swimming Pool and The Grand Ballroom. You may view the details on each amenities here

How to Contact Punta Villa Resort

If you have any questions and for reservations, you may contact them through the following.

Sto. Niño Sur, Arevalo, Iloilo City, Philippines
Phone: (63) 033-336-11-05 to 06 and (63) 033-337-72-53
Email us:

Monday, March 5, 2012

Damires Hills Adventures - Perfect for Team Buildings

 Damires Hills Resort in Janiuay - Why it's Perfect for Team Building Activities

If you arrived in this blog looking for the ideal place to hold your team building activities, then read on. For over 4 years working with the same company, I have experienced tons of team building activities and the usual suggested places are either too far or too expensive. 

We've had team building in Guimaras, in Anhawan and the most usual response would be Boracay. So it was quite refreshing when me and my former team mates went to Damires Hills Resort in Janiuay. The place is neither too far nor too expensive which makes it ideal for team buildings. 

Damires Hills: Beauty Beyond its Infinity Pool and Adventurous Zip Line

The last time we went to Damires Hills Resort in Janiuay, it was still on its infancy stage where it's being developed (You may read my first impressions of the place here). More adventurous activities and facilities were added like their zip line and others that were specially designed and perfect for team building. 

From that first stage, it has grown to become a great hub for adventurous activities that will definitely strengthen your team's teamwork spirit, communication, resolve conflicts and various other fun activities such as the following: Whale Watch, Spider Web, Great Wall, Man Ape Woman, Finding Partner, Trust/Fall, Telephone Shuffle and Muse. 

From the function room, these group of SK members group themselves together to get their team building activities started. Below are just some of my favorite activities and team building quotes.  

 Spider Web
We must all hang together, or assuredly, we shall all hang separately.
- Benjamin Franklin

 Telephone Shuffle
Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.
- Henry Ford

 Great Wall - which may become your great fall if you don't trust your team mates that much ;)
Overcoming barriers to performance is how groups become teams.

Great Fall, er, Great Wall
Interdependent people combine their own efforts with the efforts of others to achieve their greatest success. 
- Stephen Covey

 Trust or Fall
Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.
- Anonymous

Teams share the burden and divide the grief.
- Doug Smith 

Build for your team a feeling of oneness, of dependence on one another and of strength to be derived by unity. - Vince Lombardi

 Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results. - Unknown

Damires Hills Resort Price List

-Adult                   Php  50.00
- Kids/Senior Citizens   Php  40.00
Swimming                 Php  55.00
Zip-air Adventure
-Sitting                 Php 350.00
-Superman                Php 450.00

-Sampaguita              Php 500.00
-Dama de Noche           Php 500.00
-Gumamela                Php 600.00
-Bougainvilla            Php 600.00
-Azucena                 Php 600.00
-Margarita               Php 600.00
-Kogon Huts              Php 350.00

Function Halls
-Kalachuchi (30-40pax)   Php 2000.00
-Gardenia   (40-50pax)   Php 2500.00

Overnight Cottages
-Balay Bugnay (8pax)     Php 3500.00
-Balay Badiang(8pax)     Php 3500.00
-Balay Langka (8pax)     Php 3500.00
-Balay Chico  (8pax)     Php 3500.00
-Upper House  (8pax)     Php 3500.00
-Lower House  (8pax)     Php 3500.00

Corkages & Charges


- 1st 3 Menu             Php 200.00
- Succeeding Menu        Php 100.00

- 1.5 Softdrinks         Php  50.00
- 1 Case (softdrinks)    Php 200.00
- 1 Case (harddrinks)    Php 300.00
- Liquor per bottle      Php 100.00
- Lapad                  Php  25.00
- Longneck               Php  35.00

-Per Kilo                Php  50.00
-Lechon                  Php 300.00

Electrical Charge:
-Per Equipment           Php 100.00

Dispenser (Rental)       Php 150.00
Water per Gallon         Php  50.00

*Free entrance and swimming for guests with overnight accomodation
*In excess of 8, Php 300.00/pax is charged with free entrance and swimming
*Swimming pool is open from 7am - 6pm on Mondays to Thursdays except for those with bookings.
7am to 9pm on Fridays to Sundays

*Check in Time: 1:00 PM; Check Out Time: 12:00 nn (for overnight stay)

*Rates are subject for change without prior notice.


Address:Brgy. Damires, Janiuay, Iloilo Philippines
Telephone: (033) 396 8144 / (033) 531 6519
Mobile: +6399399060689 / +639176325901

Whether you simply want to relax or strengthen your team's bond through team building, Damires Hills Resort has the perfect activities and amenities to cater both!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

GarinFarm Inland Resort

Complete Adventure and Meaningful Journey at the GarinFarm Inland Resort in San Joaquin

Iloilo is blessed not only with rich culture, delightful foods but also with naturally beautiful and scenic places. One of these beautiful places is the GarinFarm Inland Resort in San Joaquin

Located at Huna, San Joaquin, the inland resort allows its visitors to enjoy and experience one-of-a-kind and complete journey through its agriculture, leisure and pilgrimage amenities. 

Right from the entrance, you will be pleasantly surprised with some interesting creativity and the environment-friendly efforts as they've utilized scrap metals for their fence. 

Another striking view is the The century old Camachile tree in front of the entrance. The presence of the said tree speaks so much on what more adventure and surprises you're about to behold inside the farm resort. 

From the entrance, either you walk and marvel at the showcase of the farms produce or you may want to take a ride at their golf cart which costs P90.00 (3 pax/ride). 

From the Gate to the Pavillon P90.00
Pavillon to the Cross P90.00

Pilgrimage - Living from the Creation through the Ascension

Once you reached the Pavillon, the very first view that will definitely catch your attention is the Pilgrimage section. The place is a spiritual hub within the resort that enables its visitors not only to marvel at the beauty of the place but also to have a quiet reflection on the magnificent journey of the Lord and his eternal glory.

Once inside the Pilgrimage area, you will be immediately greeted by Adam and Eve together with their garden friends such as lions, bears, doves, frogs and many other various animals who were placed inside the Noah's Ark.

 Okay, seriously these life-like statues are not really alive but these rocks sure seem like they're real with their human size and vivid colors. Every pose with them makes you feel like you're really part of their world. Once done marveling at the Garden of Even section, hanging out with Adam and Eve, get ready for the 456-step hike towards the 101- Ft. Divine Mercy Cross. 

Every station has a story to tell highlighting the most important events in the life of our Savior Jesus Christ such as His Birth, Baptism, Crucifixion and Ascension. 

If you get lucky, you could get to dine with The Apostles too! ;)

Unleash the Adventurous Beast in You!

Once done with the meditation, the beast in you is up for some treat with their swimming pool. For ladies, though, who are too conscious and worried with their fair complexion, I'd suggest you either do it in the latter part of your visit when the sun is almost down because doing it during the noontime will definitely burn every bit of skin in you. 

Okay, not really...
The pool is gorgeous but I think it needs more shade as an attempt to swim when the sun is up is not the best thing to do.

Good thing there are other facilities and interesting activities which will satisfy the beast in you such as horseback riding (which looks more of pony, if you ask me), ride the ATV (all-terrain vehicle), boating which gives you three options such as kayak, pedalboat, or rubber boat. 

Scream your Hearts Out with their Zipline

If those activities still haven't satisfied the adventurous beast in you then here's something pretty bad-ass. 

GarinFarm uses the state-of-the-art technology with their zipline and trained facilitators...though I had to be "rescued" twice because I didn't immediately reach the landing areas. 

First because the wind wasn't cooperating and going against me and the next was mainly because it gave me a chance to have this pretty giddy photo ;) Nonetheless, it was a great experience as I get to have an eagle's eye-view of the place. 

Best of Both Worlds Rooms

After a long day, we would immediately seek for two things - food and comfort. If you remember the fresh produce which you have beheld at the entrance, these are cooked and served in their restaurant. 

On the way to their rooms, you will see vines of long gourd (or upo in our dialect) and my mom's favorite - cauliflower. 

Having fun and relaxing doesn't only end with the adventurous activities but it's also extended to their rooms as each room is complete with pocket garden and landscape. Each garden theme is unique for every room, ranging from tropical, Japanese, modern to Mexican. 

All rooms also have wall to wall glass windows; one side has an unobstructed view of the private garden and another side for unlimited access to the stunning scenery, whether day or night. The rooms give you  view of the mountains and the lake - isn't that just seeing the best of both worlds?

The Family Room is the biggest room available with one king-sized bed and one single bed. The Family Room can accommodate 2 to 4 persons. Room Rate: P 3,500

The Twin Room is a regular sized room with 1 double bed. The Twin Room can accommodate 2 persons. Room Rate: P 2,500

The Single Room is ideal for the solo traveler with its single bed. Room Rate: P 1,500

Garin Farm Organic Goodies

The visit to GarinFarm Inland Resort in San Joaquin isn't complete unless you take home with you some of its organic goodies which includes their Organic Coconut Sugar which is ideal for those with Diabetes and their natural Virgin Coconut Oil. And wait, it's not Garin Farm unless you've tasted with ice cream in stick!

If you want to view more photos of Garin Farm Inland Resort, you may click here or in their Facebook Page. 

GarinFarm Inland Resort Price List

Up for the exciting journey to Garin Farm? Below is a complete list of pricing from their activities and room rates. Prices are subject to change without prior notice. 

Other Facilities and Services

Pilgrimage Area
Divine Mercy Cross (101 ft)
Agricultural Area

Wi-Fi Access

Laundry Service
24 Hour Security
24 Hour Electricity

How to Contact GarinFarm - San Joaquin

For inquiries, reservations, you may contact them using the following numbers and details:

San Joaquin Iloilo
5024 Philippines

Phone Numbers:
(+63) 033 314 75 55
(+63) 916 667 6851




Iloilo Office:
201 Maryville Building Delgado Street Iloilo city
Telephone Number: (063-33) 337-1335