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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Leo Burnett Singapore Office

Leo Burnett Singapore Office 

My journey with the Leo Burnett Singapore office is about to come to an end and the time has come to start another challenge. There had been tremendous lessons and experiences that I've learned from my colleagues which I will cherish forever. There had been several people who have made the journey so colourful and magical and I would forever be grateful for your welcoming arms when a girl from a small-town in the Philippines felt like a cartoon character that came to life when I stepped into the magical land of Singapore and join the mad world of advertising. Couldn't thank you all enough for the kindness and mentoring me. 

The ever famous Black Pencil, Leo Burnett Singapore 

Everyone get to design our own apple

The big green board room

The pantry

The famous apples 

One of the many memorable quotes by Leo Burnett

Neil Hudspeth, Chief Digital Officer, Asia Pacific at Leo Burnett during the Digital Day

Reach for the stars ***

Thanks for sticking with me. Till the next steps of the journey! 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Digital Day at Leo Burnett Singapore

Digital Day - Speakers from Buddy Media, Google and Facebook

Digital Day at Leo Burnett Singapore

Today was an interesting day! Leo Burnett Singapore hosted a Digital Day inviting some of the most respected people in the digital marketing in Asia such as our very own, Neil Hudspeth, Chief Digital Officer Asia Pacific at Leo Burnett; Lena Anita Savitsky, Regional Account Director at Buddy Media; Rachel Warren, Google; Meg Sloan, Facebook; Erik Johnson, VP-APAC for Facebook. 

Neil Hudspeth, Chief Digital Officer, Asia Pacific at Leo Burnett

Lena Anita Savitsky, Regional Account Director at Buddy Media 

The event kicked off with Neil Hudspeth speaking about the 3 main important cultures in digital marketing - Play, Buy and Share. He shared some really interesting case studies on how agencies fully utilized the power of social media in creating campaigns that do not only win awards but truly change the lives of people, with the core values of the brands embedded in every campaign. 

After Neil spoke about Play, Buy, Share, he was immediately followed by Lena Anita Savitsky, the Regional Account Director at Buddy Media (recently acquired by Salesforce Radian6) who spoke about how agencies could create campaigns much effectively with the use of platforms such as Buddy Media. She shared some really interesting stats about the social media behaviour in Asia like: Malaysia has the highest number of average 'Friends of Fans' - 233 friends per fan. 

Afternoon session was even more interesting with guys from Google and Facebook joining us in such as Rachel Warren from Google; Meg Sloan from  Facebook and Erik Johnson, VP-APAC for Facebook.

Rachel Warren, Google

The Facebook Notebook

Erik Johnson, VP-APAC for Facebook

A nice quote from Mark Pritchard, Procter and Gamble 

Meg Sloan, Facebook

The most exciting part of the Digital Day was the Hackathon with the Facebook people. We were divided into different groups for different accounts and we got to brainstorm about ideas for campaigns for the accounts we were assigned in. It was fun to get fresh perspectives from the folks working with Facebook as well as from my colleagues at Leo Burnett who are working in different roles at the agency. 

Below are just some of the key takeaways from the Digital Day:

- Malaysia has the highest number of average 'Friends of Fans' = 233
- 30.9% of USD 24.1 Billion Ad Spend by 2015 will come from APAC. 27% of Asian shoppers are currently making payments via mobile 
- Consumers will engage with what they find as opposed to what they're told. 
- In order for us to be the best, we need to LEARN.