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Friday, August 29, 2014

Aeroline Buses: Bridging the Distance with a Smile

Found the following on my Drafts. It's a quick review of the coach company called Aeroline and how it was always such a pleasant experience traveling with them whenever I go from Singapore to Malaysia, or vice versa.

Whenever I travel from Singapore to Malaysia and vice versa, it has become a habit to travel with Aeroline

I first learned about them from my friend, Mary Jane (you may read about her review of the travel experience with Aeroline here) who is based in Kuala Lumpur with her family. She was singing praises about them so when I first tried it, I was extremely pleased with how easy going the staff both in the office and the bus. As I keep traveling with them, I’ve been seeing patterns which I didn’t see whenever I travel with other buses. Their staffs serve you with that delightful enthusiasm and welcoming smile every step of the way. 

One particular experience which truly caught me by surprise was when I was traveling from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. The usual expectations of comfort travel was consistently there but what truly made the experience exceptional was that the staff who inspects the tickets was really polite and tried to help all the passengers with their baggage to ensure that every one is on board on time and have a convenient travel. You're definitely doing it right, Aeroline. Looking forward to traveling with you again!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Legoland Malaysia

Life is not filled with events, but with moments.

(Photo auto-awesomified with Google+)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

5 Must-Check Out Retreat Places Near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

What are Your Top Destinations for Weekend Retreat in Malaysia?

The last time I was in Malaysia, I spent most of the days in Kuala Lumpur (special thanks to Mary Jane of Fashion Travels for such a lovely accommodation every time I'm in KL!) so I'm currently curating a list of must-check out destinations in Malaysia for a weekend getaway and found this extremely helpful list from Lipstiq. Since I wanted to go to places that are not too far from Kuala Lumpur, below are some of the places that caught my fancy. 

So here are some of the things that I'm looking for:

- must not be too far from Kuala Lumpur
- spa

That's it. I'm pretty much open to various options though the ones with spa (damn I would go to very far place just to enjoy a spa!) Do let me know in the comments below or via Twitter with your suggestions!

- Location: Kampung Baru Pantai, Jalan Jelebu,, Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
- Just an hour away from KL
- Not sure about the internet connection 
- Perfect for BBQ!
- Room packages also starting at RM300
-Awanmulan on Facebook (5% off if you like them on Facebook!)

Here's a couple of helpful reviews about the place by Gypsy on the Move and Kinky Blue Fairy

2. The Dusun 

- Location: 3437, Kampung Kolam Air, Pantai, 71770 Seremban
- 90-minute drive from KL, accessible by KTM commuter train
- Room package starts at RM500
- The Dusun on Facebook 

3. Sekeping Serendah

- Location: Sekeping Serendah Sdn Bhd 67, Jln Tempinis Satu, Lucky Garden, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur
- Glass House
- Price starts at RM500

Helpful review about the place from Mr. Mon's Journey

4. Bagus Place

- Location: Pulau Tioman Island, Malaysia
- Their Boat House looks marvelous!
- Definitely, absolutely no signal nor internet connection
- Price starts at RM900

5. The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat

- Location: No. 1, Persiaran Lagun Sunway 3, 31150 Ipoh
- Luxury spa resort with private pool and the spa!!! (But holy cow it's damn too expensive like the cheapest for 4 nights is Php 61,486 through Booking. My Malaysian friend told me it is very high end and suggested other places like The Dusun, Janda Baik, Sekeping Kong Heng or Sekeping Serendah.)
- Free WiFi

Okay friends, those are some of the places that I'd love to check out on a weekend getaway in Malaysia. What other places could you suggest?

(Image via Lipstiq)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Weekend in Malaysia

Starmart Express Air Asia Liner (Singapore): Affordable Coach to Malaysia

Going to Malaysia has always been a dream of mine and working with a diverse advertising company in Singapore has helped me travel Singapore's neighbouring countries (e.g. Indonesia) in such a breeze and at much cheaper rates. 

Last weekend, I traveled with my colleague, Anastasia Ong. Yeah, she's the one I've been having lunch with. We took the night trip from the Golden Mile through the Starmart Express which costed us $63 each for the two-way fare (including the online booking fee).

Since my blogger friend, Mary Jane Fitzsimmons, and her family moved to Malaysia, I thought it would be a perfect time to visit them and we didn't do anything but take photos during my visit! :)

Me in front of the Suria Mall fountain 

Fountain during the night 

Me at the Idaman Residence

Me at the Jelly Bunny Shoe Store

Me with the Nuffnang Founder, Timothy Tiah and Mary Jane

Thanks Mary Jane for making my weekend trip to Malaysia a memorable and exciting one! 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Things to Remember When Going to LEGOLAND Malaysia

If you're planning to go to LEGOLAND Malaysia via Johor, you may want to read this really helpful article on how to get there. 

It has pretty much been a great guide for me and my friends when we went there and I don't wanna duplicate it. Instead, below are some quick pointers as to how you could make the most of your experience at LEGOLAND.

1. Be sure to have your money converted to Ringgit before you reach Malaysia! 
2. Bring an umbrella or cap. It's an open space theme park and for you to really enjoy your experience, umbrellas and caps are must-bring! Oh, did I mention sunblock too?
3. Bring water! It's quite huge theme park and you wouldn't want to be thirsty in the middle of the desert. lol Okay, maybe not really a desert but you get the idea. 
4. Book online. Yes, please! It gets a bit expensive if you buy it there plus the queue can be a little crazy so better purchase your tickets online :)
5. Enjoy. Enjoy. ENJOY!

Me being 'such a tourist' (eyes rolling) in front of the LEGOLAND Malaysia 

LEGOLAND Cafe! Try their Lasagna at RM22.50

Yes, sometimes I let the Legoman carry my bag. He seems like he's diggin it ;)

Nice product placement, Maybank! (At LEGOLAND Castle)

Me and the Lego Chef

The queue 


Friday, September 21, 2012

IKEA Stores Designed to Maze-Like To Keep You Shopping?

Were IKEA Stores Designed as Maze-Like to Keep You Shopping?

When you visit shopping stores, you usually go out just where you entered, right? However, the case is different for IKEA stores. When I first visited the IKEA store in Tampines (Singapore), I immediately marveled at the wide range of home improvement and furnishing products. However, when it was time to go out, I felt like I was running in circles - like there was no way out. All the "EXITs" lead to doors that are closed (emergency exits).

The lady in the video below aptly describes my very first experience at the IKEA store. Not that I hate it, was really fun going through all those mazes and trying to find your way (and be tempted to buy stuff along the way). 

The Explanation to the Maze-Like Designs of IKEA Stores

According to Alan Penn, director of the Virtual Reality Centre for the Built Environment at University College London, Ikea's strategy is similar to that of out-of-town retail parks - keep customers inside for as long as they can.

'In Ikea's case, you have to follow a set path past what is effectively their catalogue in physical form, with furniture placed in different settings which is meant to show you how adaptable it is,' he said.

'By the time you get to the warehouse where you can actually buy the stool or whatever's caught your eye, you're so impressed by how cheap it is that you end up getting it.'

Below is a visualisation of the path every customer goes through in IKEA stores. 

Image: [DailyMail] [NationalPost]Related Articles: [Gizmodo, StyleIte]

Thursday, August 23, 2012

What's Your #IKEAmoment?

Share Your Unforgettable #IKEAmoment: Win IKEA Products

IKEA Malaysia and IKEA Singapore are calling all their fans to share their favourite moments at home. and get a chance to win IKEA products. These could be touching, cheerful, surprising, tender, happy or even awkward moments that happen at home. 

You may view the mechanics of the contest through the following links.
If you're in Singapore, click here.
If you're in Malaysia, click here