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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Live Long Detox Bar and Organic Shop: Living Healthy Has Never Tasted This Good!

Live Long Detox Bar and Organic Shop: Seriously Best Tasting Organic Shop in Town

Me and my partner are no strangers to healthy eating. In fact, we've long been fans of healthy foods even when we were in Iloilo!

We would order homemade good food, so we were both thrilled to learn about Live Long Detox Bar and Organic Shop

Live Long Detox Bar and Organic Shop 
They deliver within Baguio. 
Call or text them at (074) 244-8318 / 09172483008

As I type this in now, I am still literally having goosebumps (in a good way) at how delicious their Goddess Grilled Chicken is! I seriously couldn't believe that the taste of freshness and healthy could co-exist in such humble packaging. 

The chicken meat along with the fresh salad are just honestly such a perfect combo, I kept asking myself, "Is this real life"? I kid you not! 

 Live Long Detox Bar & Organic Shop Menu

Wrapped in paper box (yep, not styro foam!), the foods were neatly and so organizedly delivered in our place in less than an hour (so much earlier  and quicker than most delivery options - even way faster than 'fast foods'. 

Address: Address: Philhealth Bldg, 19 Leonard Road, Baguio City

Photo Courtesy of Live Long Detox Bar and Organic Shop Facebook

If you're in Baguio, you totally shouldn't miss out the chance to visit Live Long Detox Bar and Organic Shop and give their Goddess Grilled Chicken a try and I couldn't wait to visit their actual place for their smoothies too. In the meantime,  I am yet to try the Cute Cabbage wrap and my Queen Quesadillas but both already got my partner's stamp of approval, so I'm sure they'd be such great healthy treats too. 

To contact them for order or delivery within Baguio city, call or text them: (074) 244-8318 / 09172483008, they're pretty friendly and quick! 

Monday, March 23, 2015

BBC: Best Baguio Cafes - Great Food and Free Internet

Restaurants and Cafes in Baguio with Great Food and Free Wifi

Whenever we visit a new city, it's very important for digital nomads and entrepreneurs like my partner and myself that there's plenty of restaurant and cafe choices that offer free wifi. 

Within two weeks being in Baguio (you may check my blog post about our travel from Iloilo to Baguio on The Huffington Post) we've been to several restaurants and cafes in Baguio and here are some that truly stood out.

I'd say stay away from the usual recommendations such as SM City (wifi pretty much doesn't work!), Max's restaurant's wifi was absolutely useless and Zola, which is a 24-hour-cafe was full of smokers (they did not even try to dedicate a place for non smokers) and filled with youngsters and too noisy.

It's quite tricky to find the best restaurants here in Baguio as most of the really good ones (read: not overrated) are those with unassuming facade. Yet, once you get inside, the foods are just amazing and such revelations. I only have simple criteria: service must be great, food must not taste bland and there must be decent internet connection (with the speed not just to post on Facebook or Instagram, but to be able to check emails!)


From pasta, to adobo, to the eggplant with minced pork, pizza to panna cota, this place has got it all right! The foods taste really good and their staff are so quick to every order and never did disappoint us during our two visits. Brownie points for serving service water infused in lemons and peppermints!

Food: 4.5 out of 5
Service: 5 out of 5
Wifi: 3.5 out of 5

Eggplant with minced pork at Php 120

Panna cota and Blueberry cheesecake

Business Hours: 10am to 10pm
Phone: (074) 442 2888
Address: #2 2nd Road Quezon Hill, Baguio City
10am to 10pm

2. Arca's Yard

While the travel to Ambuclao Road may be a bit too far (at least 30 mins from the city centre), it was definitely all worth it. The place was truly breathtaking and the food had that homey feel to it. While most restaurants and cafes felt too commercialized these days, Arca's remained untouched and the level of tranquility you'll feel in the place is just bar none. 

Food: 4.5 out of 5
Service: 4.5 out of 5 (there was only one person serving by the time we were there so it took awhile for our orders to be served and all the other customers needed to wait as well. It could be improved if there's at least 2 persons in the staff)
Wifi: None (their food is too good not to be included in the list. You need to bring your SMART pocket wifi with you. Globe doesn't seem to work in the area)

Business Hours: not sure
Address: (777) Tiptop, Ambuklao Rd.
Phone: 0922-825-1880

 3. Cafe by the Ruins

It's highly recommended by my friends and while we haven't had a chance to try their foods, I'd recommend the place for coffee (or tea), they have loads of tasty pastries as well and really lovely fireplace.

Watch out, the teapot is as heavy as two irons! :D

Food (Drinks): 4 out of 5
Service: 3 out of 5
Wifi: 3 out of 5

Business Hours: 7:00 am – 9:00 pm
 Address: 25 Shuntug Rd, Baguio, 2600 Benguet, Philippines
Phone:+63 74 442 4010

4. Figaro in SM City Baguio

Figaro serves nice coffee, their beef tapa is a bit too salty but over-all, Figaro is a really nice place to hang and have coffee and their internet connection is pretty much the best among the cafes in the list.

Food: 3 out of 5
Service: 4 out of 5
Wifi: 4 out of 5

Business Hours: 10am to 9pm
Address: 3rd Floor Mountain View, SM City Baguio
Phone: 0917 349 1905

 5. Patch Cafe 

Sharing the same building with the Bloomfield Hotel, Patch Cafe has an unassuming facade but very quirky on the inside with comfy couches. While I'm not a fan of their all-day breakfast meals, I'd have to give hands down to their omelete! 

Food: 3.5 out of 5
Service: 3 out of 5 (it's quite difficult to get their attention, they need a bell or something as most of their staff would group in front of the cafe and since there are walls that divide the dining area from the cashier area, staff couldn't easily see what the customers need we'd have to go to the cashier to tell them what we needed or if we decide to order more)
Wifi: 2.5 out of 5

Miner's Breakfast

Business Hours: 10am to 10pm
Address: #3 Leonard Wood Road Baguio City, Baguio, 2600 Benguet, Philippines
Phone: (074) 446 9112

So far these are the restaurants we've found to have nice food and decent internet connection. Most cafes and restaurants use the cheesy and now overused cliche "We don't have wifi. Talk to each other". If you're a digital nomad and looking for great restaurants in Baguio without sacrificing your work, have a look at those cafes mentioned and share with us in the comments if there are new places we might have missed!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Places to Have Great Breakfast in Iloilo - Cafes and Restaurants

Cafes and Restaurants - Breakfast Meals in Iloilo

Constantly being on the lookout for great restaurants and cafes in Iloilo to have breakfast, our feet led us to Chika-an in Iloilo (located at Robinson's Place). They serve daily traditional Filipino breakfast meals such as Topsilog, Beefsilog, Longsilog and the likes. 

Chika-an Restaurant in Robinson's Place Iloilo (photo source)

They also serve unlimited brewed coffee for Php45 and their wifi is surprisingly good for such a well trafficked place. 

I also really enjoyed their buttered shrimps, puso ng saging while boyfie enjoyed their grilled blue marlin. 

Don't be daunted by the fact that the place is constantly full. Their helpful staff will immediately usher you to their available tables as soon as you enter the place. I also love that their staff are dressed in traditional Filipino clothing like Filipiniana. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Good Places to Chill in Iloilo

Where are the healthy foods in Iloilo?  My recommended restaurants to chill 

During my trip to Manila, I couldn't help but be amazed at the myriad choices of places to chill and have good (read: healthy) foods - one of which is Slice at Bonificio High Street at 7th Street. The place is owned by the Philippines Senator Pia Cayetano. 

They serve sandwiches, salads, burgers and many others. My instant favorite was this apple salad because of its dressing, it was an immediate love at first taste. 

I had such a great experience at Slice that I wish they'd open a branch here in Iloilo (Senator Pia Cayetano: if you're reading this, please please consider bringing the good food in Iloilo!) 

So now that I'm back in Iloilo, I kind of miss the many choices. There are only two places I could think of that serve good (healthy) foods - Midway and Remnant in Lapaz. Sometimes you get some nice options in JD Bakery (homegrown bakery in Iloilo) but that's pretty much it. 

I kind of miss Marshe in Singapore where you just got various options and be able to eat healthy and not to worry about getting your pockets getting hurt. 

So for over a month, me and boyfie scoured Iloilo in search for some of the best healthy restaurants and below is the list of my personal favourites (note: except for Midway, most of these restaurants have free wifi access) 

1. Midway - located in front of SM Delgado, this restaurant serve vegetarian foods that's made from ther fresh produce in Passi (where they have a rather cozy branch). Personal favourite is their cheese burger with eggplant fries :) 

2. Remnant - located at Huervana Street in Lapaz, the alternative medicine center serve Filipino cuisiines made out of veggie meat! The place opens at 8:30 am and a great place to grab freshly squeezed juice (love their pineapple juice with peppermint) 

3. Cilantro - the restaurant serve proper Vietnamese foods (perhaps the only one that actually serve decent tasting ones in Iloilo). 

While the Pho and pad Thai may not match the ones I fell in love with in Singapore, they serve pretty much tasty Vietnamese cuisines. The place is located  in Jalandoni Street (in front of Mormon chapel). 

Note: wifi zone

4. Mooon Cafe in SM City - a great place to match your quest for Mexican foods. While Mexican and fried foods do not necessarily translate to healthy, I definitely recommend the place for good ambiance and great service! 

Personal favourite is their quesadillas! 

5. Uncle Tom's (Diversion Road branch) 

A list of great places to chill in Iloilo wouldn't be complete without Uncle Tom's. Great staff, nice and comfy beanbags and swings and free wifi too (though most of the time too slow though). The place serves fried chicken, spare ribs and many other fried foods. Okay, not necessarily healthy but really great tasting foods especially their chicken foods (chicken wings, buttered chicken) and just recently tried their tuna belly (just the right amount of delicious!) 

There you go, some of the good restaurants to chill in Iloilo.

If you happen to know any other places I've missed, I'd love to hear them in the comments so we could check it out! 

Remnant: Vegetarian Foods in Iloilo

Vegetarian Foods in Iloilo, Philippines 

Living healthy is not always easy and affordable in the Philippines. Most of the restaurants cater to Filipinos who prefer tasty and often unhealthy foods. 

That's why it's quite a struggle for me and boyfie to find a cafe or restaurant in Iloilo that serve healthy or vegetarian options. There are only two restaurants in Iloilo that do that - Midway Resto (in front of SM Delgado) and Remnant Institute of Alternative Medicine (in Huervana Street Lapaz, near Total Gas Station). 

Remnant serves quite a range of veggie meat and they're quite affordable too! 

Below is a copy of their daily menu which includes Filipino cuisines (only made in fresh and organic produce) 

I absolutely enjoy the curry and the veg with Brocolli. I also recommend their freshly squeezed Pineapple with peppermint :) 

Remnant Vegetarian Restaurant is located at Huervana Street Lapaz, Iloilo (near Total). 

They're open from Sundays to Fridays 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.