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Monday, February 25, 2013

pureDKNY: Drop of rose, a Drop of Goodwill

pureDKNY A Drop of Rose Eau de Parfum: Cause for Women

More than a fragrance, through DKNY's partnership with CARE International, pureDKNY is helping to make an impact on improving the financial future for women in Africa, one drop at a time.
pureDKNY: A Drop of Rose, Drop of Goodwill

Earlier today me and my roommate went to TANGS Orchard to check out some perfumes as I love her DKNY perfume. It's soft, light and simply delightful. However, I decided to check out other brands such as PRADA, Dior, Estee Lauder and many others. 

For someone who isn't used to wearing perfumes, I was told by one of the sales clerks that I need to start with something light and that he told me the trick to truly appreciate the fragrances is to wave the paper where I prayed the eu de parfum on and not directly smell it because I would need to allow it to be absorbed. I also learned that the smell of coffee bean helps refresh my nostrils and be able to appreciate the other fragrances.

We scoured the TANGS Orchard for the light, feminine and perfect perfume. Most of the perfumes I've tried were too strong and I immediately needed to go to the next perfume. Then we saw the pureDKNY perfume.  

The DKNY stall was decorated with light pink roses. The message caught my attention: a drop of rose, a drop of goodwill

As part of the pureDKNY fragrance family, ‘a drop of rose’ continues DKNY’s on-going partnership with humanitarian organisation CARE International, to help women in poorer communities pull themselves out of poverty, one drop at a time.
After Vanilla from Uganda (A Drop of Vanilla, 2010), Verbena from Togo (A Drop of Verbena, 2011), pureDKNY A Drop of Rose (2012)’s main ingredient, roses, are harvested from local farmers in Turkey, the majority of whom are female. This helps secure long-term production of roses in Isparta.

For someone who is an advocate for women empowerment, I really appreciate companies who fulfill their social responsibility. I knew that pureDKNY was the perfect scent for me. It's clean, light and the fact that they help provide livelihood to women truly caught my attention. I ended up buying not just the pureDKNY but also the DKNY Delicious Fresh Blossom Eau So Intense.

I totally love DKNY now. It's not everyday that I buy perfume but when I do, I make sure that what I purchase truly reflects me and the advocacy I support. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

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Hostgator Coupon Code: 25% OFF

Been looking for the best web hosting plan as I'm currently working on a project for my Infographics Submission site, Many of my blogger friends recommended HostGator to me and having read many good reviews, I've decided to sign up for them. 

Now I need to look for a HostGator coupon code. Most of the coupon codes were for the years 2011 and 2012 which simply may no longer be valid or just for most bloggers to get traffic on their blogs. So after searching for many coupon codes on the internet, below are just some that worked for me and have given me 25% discount on my HostGator purchase.

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