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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Chooks to Go Chicharon

I'm a huge fan of "masarap kahit walang sauce" chicken by Chooks to Go so I've decided to try their Pork Barrel Chicharon  - Garlic & Vinegar. 

It was the right amount of crunchiness and sourness! Totally no need for vinegar and immediately became my fave Chicharon :) 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Possibly The Best Homemade Banana Chips at Remnant

I love the veggie meat at Remnant in Lapaz, Iloilo. 

They're made from their fresh produce and quite reasonably priced too. 

So after having lunch today, I've decided to try and buy some snacks. My venture led me to their Homemade Banana Chips  which is made from bananas, sesame seeds, brown sugar and cooked in pure vegetable oil. 

First bite and my life was changed. Unlike most banana chips in the market, Remnant's banana chips is definitely topnotch as it's not too hard to bite and the sesame seeds definitely gives it a distinct and easily likable taste. 

Each pack of Homemade Banana Chips only costs Php 20 at Remnant (Huervana Street in Lapaz Iloilo)