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Friday, May 16, 2014

Walkabout Singapore: Exploring Offices of some of the Hottest Startups in Singapore

Walkabout Singapore: Best Way to Get to Know the Best Startups in Singapore

This upcoming June 13th, Walkabout Singapore 2014 is going to have another a city-wide open house event for technology startups and participants will get a chance to see behind the scenes of some of the most successful and interesting offices in Singapore see how the companies work and learn about their stories right from their employees. 

Last year, I've explored 3 offices together with 3 of my would-be entrepreneur friends. We started with Airbnb - the revolutionary lodging where you can rent out places (an entire house, villa) when you travel instead of going for hotels, Roomarama then Zalora. 

Their logo is made up of different things which aims to represent the region where they are in so in the photo below is a logo made of rice since most countries in the Asia Pacific have rice as their staple food (my country, Philippines, perhaps tops that list) 

Behind me is the Airbnb logo made up of rice, a staple food in Asia Pacific

Airbnb encourages an environment of creativity as shown in its graffiti-filled walls 

Together with 3 would-be entrepreneurs, we've explored offices of some of the hottest startups in Singapore

Funny reminds at the Roomarama office about netiquette 

Zalora threw a mini pizza party during the Walkabout where we stayed most of the time before the after-party. They've also prepared a fun photo booth so the participants visiting their office could take bunch of photos
Awesome after-party. 

How to Join Walkabout 2014: June 13

If you're in Singapore and interested in the startup scene, I would totally recommend joining this year's Walkabout in Singapore 2014. Visit their site for schedule, companies that are opening their office and more details. For more photos taken during last year's Walkabout, click here